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Boys On Mighty Bikes

A Free Audiobook by Kathleen Harward

Narration by Trent Jenkins
Illustration by Sergey Avdeev

Two young brothers see a neighbor’s driveway as their opportunity for adventure. The interaction that follows celebrates the bold spirit of boys and the unexpected moments we get to appreciate each other. A short-short story, written for the families, neighbors and influencers of children. Also suitable for the children!

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Fresh Stories With Timeless Values!

The Shared Dog

Written by
Kathleen Harward
Illustrated by
Gabriella Sulbarán

Three young sisters persist in asking for a dog. Eventually, their parents give in and later wonder why they had ever been reluctant. They get Brandy Wilbur Pie–a dog who loves and tirelessly carries out jobs for many people. While the sisters grow up under her example, Brandy's chin turns grey and finally she can’t get up anymore, though she keeps trying. The story ends with a loving scene in the backyard with Brandy surrounded by the ones she loves and their Vet, who help her to fly free. For ages 2-10 and plenty of story to strum hearts of older children and adults. Only soft covers available.

The Lost Recipe

Written by
Kathleen Harward
Illustrated by
Beata Banach

This is a “Let’s-Solve-the-Mystery-about-Gramma” book. The storyteller leads the readers on a search for clues to find the long-lost recipe for Gramma’s incredible toasting bread. They look into Gramma’s life for clues and learn her unique recipes for making more than just bread! Includes a recipe for children to make their own bread, quickly and easily. For ages 2-10 and plenty of story to strum hearts of older children and adults.

The Paddleboard Dog

Written by
Kathleen Harward
Illustrated by
Gabriella Sulbarán and Robert Dugarte

One of the sisters from The Shared Dog book has grown up and moved far from her home to teach science in Arizona. Many of her young students come from Indian Nation reservations hours away. They must live in dormitories to attend school. The teacher and her students are homesick, until a herding-working dog enters their lives and changes everything! For ages 2-10 and plenty of story to strum hearts of older children and adults.

Who Likes Green Pancakes?

Written by
Kathleen Harward
Illustrated by
Sergey Avdeev

Super gift for Valentine's Day! Can a sick child start her first small business venture during a long hospital stay? What spectacular sights can children see from the top floor of a hospital? How do children stuck in the hospital over holidays find courage? And how do the children of hospital staff cope when their parents are away from home working over the holidays? A story of caring, courage, and surprises! For ages 2-10 and plenty of story to strum hearts of older children and adults.

What Our Readers Are Saying

What an amazing children's book! I love the writing and illustrations. It's amazing what a dog can bring to a family and this is a special story.

Nicole R.

Who Like Green Pancakes? The title and cover had me thinking this book was going to be about experiments in the kitchen, but was even more pleased to learn it's about a young girl, her father, and most prominently featured, a busy mom who juggles home life with a demanding job as a nurse in a hospital children's ward. OMG...so fun, touching, and memorable are the adventures Glo (the nurse) experiences with her patients and family. "Wow, wow, wow!" I thought over and over reading from one situation to another. Helping young children understand more about the challenges and rewards of their working parents is a main theme of this beautiful tale, as is the chance to expose readers young and old to the goings on of time spent in a hospital and the caring and creative nurses who are such a vital part of it. Another A+ read from Brandy Pie Books. Thank you!

Katy P.

The Shared Dog book touches the heart of anyone who has ever owned and loved a dog. The joy of experiencing the unconditional love of a dog is held tenderly in ones heart with the pain that comes when it's time to say goodbye. I loved this book and look forward to reading The Lost Recipe.

Connie J.

Guiding Perspectives

"3 to 100"

Three-year olds have already begun trying to figure out the reasons for everything. If we live to 100, we will still be doing this. Our stories have something for the head and heart of any age.

Invisible Hand

Our books are the result of the self-guided labors of many, combined by The Invisible Hand that guides a voluntary marketplace.

Pots & Pans

Small children would rather play with the stuff in your kitchen cupboard than a toy. Ours are the “pots and pans” stories of living.