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Most of the time, online ordering works well for customers. On rare occasions, a customer tries to complete the order and receives a message about not being able to ship to the address. Usually this relates to a customer’s browser extensions or some other local browser issue that prevents the address from entering properly or fully. Try disabling any auto-form fill and directly enter the information rather than allowing auto-fill. Also try opening incognito mode in the browser or try using another browser. Alternatively, we are happy to take your order by phone: 970-331-0460


Economy shipping is usually arranged through the United States Postal Service via media mail rates (book rates). Faster shipping is usually USPS Priority Mail. We may alter the shipping carrier and method at any time as we continuously compare alternatives. We do not guarantee receipt of your order by a certain time. The shipping times are simply beyond our control. Shipping options and charges will show during your checkout.


Our books are not returnable. Please be sure to read the story descriptions and click on the book covers to view sample pages when deciding to order.

Damage During Shipping

In rare cases, books have been damaged during shipping. If that happens, email us at kathleen@brandypiebooks.com Include an explanation of the damage and send photos of the package and damaged books, so we may make it right for you.

Privacy of Your Information

Brandy Pie Book Company does not store your payment information. All payment processing is handled by STRIPE, which meets industry leading security standards. Your personal identifying information (Name, phone number, email, street address) is never shared or sold. We may contact you to handle customer service matters and we may contact you with announcements of new book offerings, promotions, or sharing a blog or short story. If you’d like to opt out of the latter type of contact, you may send us a message to that effect at any time.

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Your information will never be sold or shared.
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