Best of 2022
January 18, 2022

Coolest Gifts and Best Non-Toy Gifts for Kids in 2023


Kathleen Harward

With the gift giving season recently wrapped up (for a breath or two,until Valentine’s Day arrives!), it seems valuable to assess ourgift choices.

I asked the family and guests visiting my home over the holidays toremember their most impactful gifts from early childhood.

The common answer was the gift that empowered them to build their ownworlds.


--Lincoln logs.

--Character pieces to create villages and dramas.

Similarly, they named non-toy gifts that gave them the power tocreate beautiful things.

--Paints, canvases, paint brushes

--Beading supplies

Then I asked, what gifts from childhood do you still pick up fromtime to time?

Books, they answered!

Some kids’ books reallydo age well—with timeless truths that inspire the young and touchthe hearts of the old.

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